Katrina & David

Flowers – Secret Blossom
Styling – Secret Blossom

Venue – Abbotsford Convent
Catering- Bursaria

Photography – Alex Pomnikow 

Wow…It was absolutely incredible. When I arrived I saw the Arbour, which was stunning against the backdrop! I was so proud to stand up there with my special person and share this incredible moment.

Then we entered the room! Katrina showed me her text to Tania, it said it all!
Thank you both so much for your work on our special day, I found myself commenting on the flowers, Arbour and installation to so many people. I just loved it so much. The colour was gorgeous and the arrangement of flowers were perfect! Well done to you both, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but you absolutely blew us away.

Katrina & David